• banner_HP3 Historypin


    Historypin is an online global archive where millions of people can come together around the history of their neighbourhoods, from across different generations and cultures, to explore and create rich, communal archives and build stronger communities.

  • banner_CC Chicken Shop

    Chicken Shop

    We’re looking at the poor diets of young people, finding an innovative way to provide access to healthy, popular, affordable food in low income areas, shifting purchasing habits away from unhealthy fast food options and having a long-term impact on eating norms.

  • banner_mentalhealth Wellbeing


    We’re exploring how video games can be designed to facilitate behaviours which promote wellbeing and build mental health resilience. It’s got to be popular with a large audience of young people who aren’t focused on improving their mental health.

  • banner_FOODWASTE Food waste

    Food waste

    Food waste is a major environmental problem in the UK, causing 17 million tonnes of CO2 emissions annually. How can we change behaviour in the home to reduce the amount wasted?

  • banner_IN I’m Not a Plastic Bag

    I’m Not a Plastic Bag

    Back in 2007, the general public, let alone the fashion elite, wouldn’t be seen dead pulling out a pocket full of old carrier bags at the till. We wanted to make reusable shopping bags part of normal, mainstream consumer behaviour.

  • banner_IB2 Internet Buttons

    Internet Buttons

    Internet Buttons is a free webtool that allows those comfy with the Internet to create a simplified, personalised experience of the web for those people in their lives who are new to the Internet or find it confusing.

  • banner_GRA Great Recipe Archive

    Great Recipe Archive

    We created a communal archive of recipes handed down from previous generations for innocent drinks which was promoted on their Campaign Smoothie packs.

  • banner_2 Recycle Your Charger

    Recycle Your Charger

    We ran a Recycle Your Charger initiative that was seen by Sainsbury’s 19 million customers and 150,000 staff.

  • banner_JT Jacques Le Trash

    Jacques Le Trash

    Jacques Le Trash is a 12 meter long, pink dragon with a dodgy French accent and a penchant for eating rubbish at festivals. His three bellies can be filled with cans, paper and plastic.

  • banner_TT Tweet Towel

    Tweet Towel

    Cross-stitched tea-towels, featuring an embroidered Tweet of your choice, raise money for our inter-generational digital inclusion work.