MinutePad is the paperless solution that simplifies meeting management for organisers, makes participants more effective and reduces costs.

Minutepad Benefits


For Desktop
For Organisers

The Paperless Meeting Manager

Meeting management used to mean a lot of paper and a lot of time. MinutePad is the paperless solution that simplifies meeting management for organisers.

  • Build complex agendas in minutes.
  • Keep all of your participants informed.
  • Save thousands annually in printing, paper and distribution costs.

Fast and Smart

MinutePad supports the hardworking person organising every successful meeting. Meetings are easily scheduled, agendas built effortlessly and invitations and papers promptly sent. Meeting packs are painless to create with no more copying, no more binding and no more couriers.



Complex agendas can be built in minutes with all the flexibility you need for numbering, formatting and attaching documents to any agenda item.



Meeting packs are distributed instantly to all participants as soon as they are ready. You can also track who has received meeting notifications and whether they have opened them.



Notify attendees by email of any changes to the meeting or the agenda directly from the system and track those emails for receipt.

Schedule meetings in advance and have them populate participant's calendars instantly.



Keep track of all the meetings you are responsible for in one easy to understand system.

Review past and future meeting details, search previous documents and store the agreed set of minutes for each meeting alongside the agenda and documents.

Maintain a library of useful reference documents for your meeting participants to access at any time.

For iPad
For Participants

The Paperless Meeting Pack

Using MinutePad, participants have access to everything they need to prepare for and attend meetings in one easy to use package on their computer or tablet.

  • Receive your meeting papers earlier.
  • Be fully informed of any changes.
  • Keep all of your notes and meeting papers at your fingertips.

Effective and Efficient

Meeting participants are busy people whose time is at a premium, so improving their effectiveness will pay dividends. MinutePad ensures that they can swiftly navigate vast electronic meeting packs, easily add personal notes, highlights and scribbles and effortlessly search current and historic documents.



Using our intuitive navigation, all of the information you need is at your fingertips. No more carrying bulky, inefficient piles of paper to every meeting.



Do everything you could do with the paper pack but without the bulk. Make notes, highlight sections, even draw on the pages. All of these notes are private and only visible to you.



Access all past, current and future meetings in one place including the agenda, attached documents and minutes.

Easily search this information for specific words or phrases.

Have instant access to a library of useful reference documents provided by your organisation.



No longer run the risk of meeting papers being lost, stolen or falling into the wrong hands.

The system is protected by a secure username and password process.

Documents and annotations can be encrypted and access to meetings and agenda items is only possible if specifically granted permission by the meeting organiser.

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What our Customers Say

Ards Council

"MinutePad has transformed the way we organise Council meetings."

Colin White, IT Manager, Ards Borough Council

Magherafelt Council

"MinutePad provides our Board members with easy access to everything they need to prepare for and attend Board meetings"

Karen Shearer, Financial Director, Novosco Ltd.